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Greek salad


for –


+ servings

Green salad 6 pcs

Tomatoes 1 piece

Cucumbers 1 piece

Bulgarian pepper0. 5 pcs

Onion turnip0. 5 pcs

Fetaxa80 g cheese

Solpo to taste

Peretz to taste

Oregano 1 g

Lemon juice 1 tsp

Olive oil 3 tbspThe cost of ingredients is~ 35 In the shopping list

The delicious and much-loved Greek salad has long conquered the hearts of many, not only ladies, but also the strong half will not refuse a plate of such a salad. There are a lot of variations of this salad, today’s experiment is successful, all the ingredients are harmoniously combined and complement each other. A special highlight of this variation is Fetaxa cheese, the cheese is quite tender and soft in its structure, the taste is similar to Philadelphia cheese or goat cheese Sharu.

Fetaxa is a kind of cheese, cheese is made from sheep’s milk, only 261 Kcal per 100 grams of cheese, so your figure will definitely tell you “thank you” for such a lunch. The taste of the cheese is slightly sweet and sour, since it is too tender, before adding it to the salad, the cheese should be kept in the cold so that it is better cut. Spices can be added to the salad to taste, but do not try too hard, it is better to preserve the natural taste of cheese and vegetables in the salad.

Learn more: https://tvoirecepty.ru/recept/grecheskii-salat-s-fetaksoi